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RT France. As it is key component of the Internet infrastructure, it cannot be easily modified, masked or concealed. But not all digital traces are equal. The amount of control we have over a digital trace depends on how the trace was created and where it is stored. Service data is information which is required when registering for a service. You can control the data you provide by withholding certain details, providing fake information or using an alias.

Then there is the information that others create about you, called incidental data. This includes tags, twitter mentions, email and phone conversations. It is already more difficult to control, as a HRD can only ask certain people not to post photos or mention them. With data we entrust to third parties entrusted data such as Facebook and Google, HRD are dependent on these companies and institutions to treat their data with care.

This category also includes data provided in governmental records, utility bills and bank statements. The last two categories Schneier mentions are behavioural and derived data. As this is mostly metadata, needed for the infrastructure to function, it is very hard to control.

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Nonetheless, it is important to understand that these categorizations are mostly analysed and created by algorithms and artificial intelligences. Both are only as good as the data which is the input, the code which is written by humans and the decisions that are based on the output. It is not uncommon that algorithms or artificial intelligence get it wrong.

They can also be extremely accurate and put HRD and their networks at risk. There are three types of actors who collect and analyse data: companies, governments and individuals. Or governments will hack into their servers to gain access to this data. Lastly, individuals can collect data by engaging in open source intelligence, social engineering or hacking into online services.

There have been many cases where individuals use accessible online data to profile, monitor, control, spy on, harass, or blackmail family members, spouses, ex-partners or simply people whose lifestyle or political affiliation they disapprove of. Female HRD are especially vulnerable to this form of surveillance, as trolls, conservative and anti-rights groups have used different tactics to collect information in order to silence them.

Persuasive essay on government surveillance

Often, in-depth data collection and analysis enables them to learn things about us that we may not even know or realize. Separating your online identity: use certain browsers for certain sets of online activities; use different messenger apps for different social circles. Separating your work life from your social life by using different email accounts for each.

This strategy is designed to keep your data safe from prying eyes. Creating a barrier: install an anti-virus program and keep it up to date. Keeping your data under lock and key: encrypt your mobile phone, computer and tablet.

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A simple but effective measure is to cover your webcam when not in use. Ensuring that you connect to websites through a secure connection wherever possible , by installing HTTPS Everywhere in your browser.

These recommendations are essentially about what you can implement or change as an individual. However, privacy and security is a collective game. All our actions as individuals impact and influence the privacy and security of our contacts and also of third actor parties. Yet we have included the following security recommendations for social movements.

This means social movements and networks would need identify their threat model, analyse the risks and potential impact of those risks, and assess the likelihood of these risks occurring. This should enable them to prioritize certain areas, and decide accordingly which practices and security protocols they need to implement.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of free privacy and security oriented software tools that have been developed and maintained by non-profit organizations and communities. We recommend you explore those options and alternatives with your colleagues and choose the communication tools that not only fit your privacy needs, but are also aligned with your ethical and political beliefs.

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Who tracks us? Trackography project, Tactical Tech In this article we detail the different types of data that are created, collected and analysed and discuss how they enable different forms of surveillance and control of HRD. What you can do Worldwide, there are very few laws that effectively regulate data collection or protect us from the unprecedented level of surveillance we are currently experiencing.

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Privacy, Surveillance and Data Tracking: Why Does it Matter for Human Rights Defenders? - ritimo

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  6. Britain retains the stance that drove the colonists to rebellion, though on a more restricted scale, as power has shifted in world affairs. British citizens like other international customers will also doubtless be pleased to learn that the NSA routinely receives or intercepts routers, servers and other computer network devices exported from the United States so that it can implant surveillance tools, as Greenwald reports in his book. It supports the divisional head minutes of meetings, reports, drafting correspondence, filtering mail and telephone calls, contact with executive bodies, police associations, managing certain classified financial flows.

    On the one hand it collects business intelligence from Monegasque firms and, on the other, it performs duties of risk prevention which allows for the notable reduction of risk relating to security and emergency situations. This new task aims at improving the effectiveness of the Service and the reliability and performance of intervention procedures. Its role is the protection of the Sovereign Prince and His Family when on private or official visits.

    It forms part of the Police Department and is under the direct authority of the Minister of Interior. It intervenes when instructed to do so by the Minister of State or the Minister of Interior or, with the latter's agreement, upon request from the Commissioner of Police. It carries out administrative inspections, audits and studies to appreciate, assess or improve the organisation and functioning of Police Units. Its reports may be used during administrative or disciplinary proceedings.